Welcome to my new website featuring my Australian Shepherds, one of the passions of my life. I have owned and raised Aussies for 19 yrs as my family dog of choice. Some of you will remember my first Aussies - Blue, Tramp and Sirius. This is the first week the website is up - thanks to Josh Kewley at www.insario.com. Right now it is primitive and basic. I wanted to make pictures viewable ASAP to my friends at WPKN listener sponsored, community radio 89.5FM from Bridgeport CT, and to my Timber Framing friends around the world who are responding to my puppy offers.

It is of prime importance to me that my Aussies are well matched to their new owner/family home. I take time necessary to both inform and understand people who are seriously interested in an Aussie. I want to insure a lifetime successful relationship for dog and owner. This has to do with lifestyle, temperament and commitment for starters. If youre interested well take the next step to talk by phone. Then we can arrange a visit, meeting puppies, parents and siblings. Visits are informative and a lot of fun. I will add more text info and put the pictures in a more logical order over the next few days. This is all new to me and Im a slow typer. I also have my full-time Timber Framing construction business to do..

Karri Aussies
Steve Miller
Frog Hollow PO Box 99 Waccabuc, NY 10597
phone (914) 763-3078
fax (914) 763-5951
Email: steve@karriaussies.com

Job site dogs/family dogs/partners, want lifetime positions for work and play.

Australian Shepherd Puppies - I have both parents and four generations here. Smart/trainable, protective, active athletes. ASCA registered, health guaranteed, sold as non-breeding, predictable temperaments, full tails (no docking here), 45lbs - 70lbs when full grown. Will work sheep, cattle, fowl, children, Frisbee and geometry. Great partners who will love you and your family 24/7. Good in trucks, on the farm and in the home. They have genetic exemptions from OSHA regs, but booties are available for demolition and rescue work. They have prevented deer from EVER getting in my garden. Occasionally I have adolescent and adult dogs available, house broken and socialized.

Steve Miller (914) 763-3078 (NY) steve@karriaussies.com